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Cumin is an exotic spice that has been cultivated for thousands of years and was first mentioned by Hippocrates around 400 B.C., who called it the “seed of joy”. This popular spice has a long history of use in Indian cuisine, as well as in Mexican and Middle Eastern cooking because of its distinctive flavor and intense aroma. Because it is so versatile in cooking, there are many ways to incorporate this exotic but widely used spice to add a warm depth to your meals! It can be sprinkled on chicken before roasting for extra flavor or made into your own homemade curry powder blend! It’s the main ingredient in garam masala spice blends. Contrary to its name "black cumin," the natural color of these seeds is actually brownish-grey.

Origin: Mediterranean, Africa, India

Flavor Profile: nutty flavor and earthy aroma.

Used in: Curries, Chili Powders, pickling spices, soups, stews, and bread

Health Benefits: Cumin seeds are purported to aid digestion and stimulate appetite because they contain riboflavin, vitamin B6, iron, copper, and manganese.