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Chamomile has been used across cultures as herbal medicine since ancient times. It is said that it was once given to Roman soldiers before battles so they could stay calm and collected while fighting on behalf of their countrymen. The chamomile flower is an edible herb that often finds its way into cooking. The plant's flowers are dried and used to season food, flavor drinks, or as a tea ingredient. The whole flower should not be eaten but rather infused into boiling water with other herbs like mint leaves. Whole chamomile flowers have a sweet, pleasant flavor. The stems can also be used to add flavor and depth of color. They can be steeped in hot water for any tea dish and they are the perfect addition to lemonade or iced green drinks!

Origin: Asia, Western Europe

Flavor profile: sweet, lemony

Used in: teas, lemonade

Health benefits: digestive relief and calms anxiety disorders such as nervousness or stress-related insomnia, soothing