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Cardamom pods, also called elaichi in Hindi and Chandramani or "moon cardamoms," are the dried seed pod of a plant native to India. The fragrant pods of this unique plant have been enjoyed in Indian cuisine since ancient times, but they are also well-suited as an addition to many other cuisines if you're feeling particularly adventurous! Cardamom tastes wonderful when added whole or ground into any dish that needs just the right amount of extra zing – from soups and stews all the way up through desserts like pastries filled with sweetened cream cheese.


Origin: India

Flavor profile: sweet, spicy, citrusy

Used in: curries, biryani, soups, cookies, pastries

Health benefits: Cardamoms are rich sources of nutrients as well as antioxidants which help protect against cancer cells and other diseases. Cardamom boosts your immune system, heart health and has a positive effect on brain function.