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Add some spice to your life – and your delicious recipes with this age-old, highly popular, and dare-inducing spice. The Chilli Cayenne Ground has been used in South Asian culinary recipes for decades, and it has extended its flavors in Spain, North America, Europe, and Eastern countries quite easily. The Chilli Cayenne Ground has a pungent aroma with an extremely hot, spicy flavor profile. A dash of Chilli Cayenne Ground can enhance the flavor of a variety of sauces, complement your devilled eggs breakfast or even act as a preservative for many mixed recipes.



Origin: French Guiana, located on the northern coast of South America

Flavor profile: pungent, spicy, hot

Used in: curries, stews, tamales, mole, salsa

Health benefits: boosts metabolism, aids digestion, alleviates psoriasis