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Mustard seeds are a spice that can be used in many different types of cooking to add extra flavor and depth. It comes from two large shrubs, Brassica juncea (brown mustard) and Brassica hirta (white mustard), native to Asia. Brown mustard is more pungent than white. Mustard Seed’s hot and spicy flavor adds a savory element to foods such as meats, fish, fowl, sauces, salad dressings, and pickling or boiling vegetables. Brown Mustard seeds are an important ingredient in Indian dishes.

Origin: North Africa, India

Flavor profile: hot, spicy, pungent

Used in: salad dressings, pickling, curries

Health benefits: The seeds are high in fiber which is essential for digestion. They contain antioxidants that promote heart health by preventing cholesterol from clogging arteries.