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The Chili Morita has an enticing smoky taste that will spice up any dish! The spicy, tangy flavor of the chili Morita is a delightful change from traditional green chilies. Chilli Morita is the most popular variety in Mexico because it has the perfect level of spice to add an exciting kick to any dish! A hot and spicy chili pepper, the Morita chili has a fruity flavor with hints of citrus.

Origin: Mexico

Flavor profile: Tangy, Smoky, Spicy

Used in: soups, stews, beans

Health benefits: The health benefits are numerous, including the prevention of heart disease and other ailments such as diabetes and cancer. They promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism while lowering cholesterol levels within blood cells to prevent blockages caused by fatty deposits on artery walls.

5000-10000 SH