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The Mulato chili is a mild, fragrant variety of piquin pepper. The chili tastes great on its own or can be used as part of a dish. Mulato chile peppers are a rare breed of chili pepper that has been cultivated in Mexico for centuries. Mulato chilis can be eaten raw, but they're typically used in cooking because they mellow and sweeten with heat while still retaining their spicy flavor. Mulato peppers are known for their comparatively sweet taste due to their chocolate-like flavorings which lend it that smooth, savory spicy heat. Enjoyed by many Mexicans on breakfast foods such as scrambled or sunny side up eggs and toast; this versatile ingredient can be used to add flavor into an otherwise bland dish!


Origin: Mexico

Flavor profile: mildly hot, mellow, and sweet

Used in: soups, mole sauces, enchiladas

Health benefits:  aid digestion, reduce inflammation, boost immunity due to its high vitamin content

2500-3000 SHU