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Coriander, also known as Chinese parsley or dhania by Indian and Middle Eastern cultures has been used for centuries both in cooking and medicine. Coriander is a powerful herb that can bring your dishes to life with its refreshing, citrusy tones. It's best in Indian-inspired recipes like curries and chutneys where it stands out nicely against creamy coconut milk or spicy curry powder! Coriander seed is the most commonly used spice in Indian cuisine, with its very distinctive taste that can be traced back through history for more than two thousand years ago before it developed into what we know today as coriander.

Origin: India

Flavor Profile: citrusy, tangy

Used in: curries, marinades, pickling

Health benefits: can boost the immune system with Vitamin C for colds; can aid digestion through carminative properties that help reduce bloating because it stimulates bile production which helps break down fats