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A dried spearmint leaf is a versatile ingredient. It can be used to spice up your cooking, add flavor in tea or coffee and even provide medicinal relief from gas or indigestion! Dried spearmint is used in cooking to add flavor and a subtle sweet taste. A popular way it can be added into food is as an herb, most commonly with sweets like cakes or pies. It also goes well with dishes that use garlic for their main flavoring such as pesto-based sauces of figs braised in red wine sauce.

Origin: Egypt

Flavor profile: milder than peppermint, sweet, minty

Used in: chutney, pesto, curries, casseroles, baking, flavor lamb

Health benefits:  Spearmint offers many health benefits like treating nausea or indigestion because it's rich in soothing oils that can help the digestive tract digest food more easily